Sunday, December 1, 2013

You Made It!!!

Pavala Sankari

Becareful with my heart

as it pains much due 

wired with confusions
win-now from partition thorns

Neednot be worried
Of yours being in a pool
Full of lilly blossoms
Embosomed with Cool breeze

Blushing bluebell glancing down
sizzling cute butterflies
buzzing bees on the lily
drizzling droplets of honey

knowing not to harm his
eternal peace of silence
splayed his hypnotic wing
Of multicolours to make it sing.

final fling of warmth of sun
reddened bright as the dawn
warming hum of nightingale
saved the soul of frendship!!

as the geese fly across the sea
as you never come downtoearth
as you don’t have wings or limbs
as you are my dream ever!!!!



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Thanks ; Vallamai

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  1. எஸ், of multicolours to make it sing...!

    கட்டுரைப் போட்டி :